Production Type code Model Chassis Engine Gearbox Steering Region
1993.11-1999.09 BH31 318i Cabriolet M43B18 manual left Europe
1993.11-1999.09 BH32 318i Cabriolet M43B18 manual right Europe
1993.11-1999.09 BH41 318i Cabriolet M43B18 automatic left Europe
1993.11-1999.09 BH42 318i Cabriolet M43B18 automatic right Europe
1995.09-1998.12 BH73 318iS Cabriolet M44B19 manual left USA
1995.09-1998.12 BH83 318iS Cabriolet M44B19 automatic left USA
1993.10-1996.01 BK53 318i Cabriolet M42B18 manual left USA
1993.10-1996.01 BK63 318i Cabriolet M42B18 automatic left USA
1992.11-1995.04 BJ11 320i Cabriolet M50B20TU manual left Europe
1994.02-1995.01 BJ12 320i Cabriolet M50B20TU maual right Euroea
1992.12-1995.04 BJ21 320i Cabriolet M50B20TU automatic left Europe
1994.03-1995.01 BJ22 320i Cabriolet M50B20TU automatic right Europe
1994.07-1999.10 BJ31 320i Cabriolet M52B20 manual left Europe
1994.10-1996.12 BJ32 320i Cabriolet M52B20 manual right Europe
1994.05-1999.09 BJ41 320i Cabriolet M52B20 automatic left Europe
1994.10-1996.12 BJ42 320i Cabriolet M52B20 automatic right Europe
1995.03-1996.12 BJ71 323i Cabriolet M52B25 manual left Europe
1996.09-1999.09 BJ72 323i Cabriolet M52B25 manual right Europe
1997.04-1999.09 BJ73 323i Cabriolet M52B25 manual left USA
1995.03-1996.11 BJ81 323i Cabriolet M52B25 automatic left Europe
1995.05-1999.09 BJ82 323i Cabriolet M52B25 automatic right Europe
1997.01-1999.09 BJ83 323i Cabriolet M52B25 automatic left USA
1992.08-1995.07 BJ51 325i Cabriolet M50B25* manual left Europe
1992.12-1995.03 BJ52 325i Cabriolet M50B25TU manual right Europe
1992.11-1995.09 BJ53 325i Cabriolet M50B25TU manual left USA
1992.09-1995.06 BJ61 325i Cabriolet M50B25* automatic left Europe
1993.03-1995.03 BJ62 325i Cabriolet M50B25TU automatic right Europe
1992.11-1995.09 BJ63 325i Cabriolet M50B25TU automatic left USA
1994.07-1999.09 BK71 328i Cabriolet M52B28 manual left Europe
1995.03-1999.09 BK72 328i Cabriolet M52B28 manual right Europe
1994.06-1999.09 BK73 328i Cabriolet M52B28 manual left USA
1994.11-1999.09 BK81 328i Cabriolet M52B28 automatic left Europe
1995.02-1999.09 BK82 328i Cabriolet M52B28 automatic right Europe
1994.06-1999.09 BK83 328i Cabriolet M52B28 automatic left USA
* from 09.1992 with engine M50TU with VANOS